JSRS Mandates

Ministry of Oil & Gas Mandate

Since 2014, the Ministry of Oil & Gas, Oman has made the JSRS Certificate a mandatory requirement for National and International Suppliers bidding for any Tenders or other procurement requests with Oman’s O&G Operators.

JSRS O&G Operators Mandates

The O&G Operators in Oman identified a major need to create a Joint O&G Supplier Base that would form the sourcing basis of their Procurement System. JSRS is a National initiative that would encourage credible suppliers – national and international, to register in the common pool.

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JSRS Other Industries Buyers Mandates

Following its success in the Oil & Gas Industry, JSRS has expanded to include buyers from other industries. The JSRS Buyers Community is a structured platform comprising of the Oil & Gas Operators and major organisations from various industries in Oman, who will utilize the JSRS-Certified suppliers for their procurement needs.

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