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Registration & Approval Process
  • Upon submitting the JSRS Registration form, a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered company email ID. Order confirmation is a must to proceed further, so please confirm acceptance of that mail.
  • On receipt of order confirmation, the Login credentials to JSRS will also be sent to your registered company email ID.
  • Complete the JSRS Certification fee payment process and update your company profile. We offer two modes of payment - Online and Offline Payment.
    • Online Payment includes Credit/Debit Cards that are '3D Secure' approved.
    • Offline Payment involves Cheque, Cash Deposit and/or Bank Transfer.
  • Non-payment of the JSRS Certification fee will result in:
    • Exclusion from the 'Active' Supplier list of Operators in their Sourcing process.
    • Ineligibility to obtain any contract within the Oil & Gas Operators and from Other Industry Buyers even if you win a bid.
    • Termination of all related services of NBF and JSRS.
    • Removal of your company data from the JSRS.
  • JSRS Certification process involves 3 Tiers:
    • Tier 1 - Integration to the Oman National Business Framework (NBF).
      • Upon profile validation, suppliers can gain access to and network with thousands of credibility-verified companies across 95+ countries.
      • Suppliers can subscribe for open tender notifications from all sectors of the 6 GCC countries.
      • Registered suppliers can use various business tools such as Biz Hub, Biz Search, Lookout and more.
    • Tier 2 - Application for JSRS Certificate through submittal of documents.
      • JSRS Certification is subject to a validation process as per the policies and criteria pertaining to JSRS Buyers from Oil & Gas Industry and Other Industries.
      • Omani suppliers can apply for the Local Community Contractors (LCC) Special Status in their JSRS Certificate, which are specific to JSRS Buyers such as Occidental of Oman, Duqm Refinery, CCED and PDO.
      • JSRS Certificate will be issued after successful completion of Tier 2 validation process.
    • Tier 3 - After obtaining the JSRS Certificate, suppliers can apply for Industry Certifications. The only criteria for applying is a valid JSRS Certificate.
      • SEZAD Certification: Omani SMEs holding RIYADA cards can apply for SEZAD JSRS Certification.
      • Madayn Certification: JSRS Certified suppliers interested to work with Madayn can apply for the Madayn Certification on JSRS.
  • Integration to Oman's National Business Framework (NBF) does not automatically qualify the Supplier to JSRS and is further subject to the detailed Validation process of Suppliers as per Ministry of Oil & Gas Oman's standards.
  • Based on your JSRS Certificate validity, your company will be visible to Oman's O&G Operators and Other Industry Buyers for their procurement needs.
  • Renew your JSRS Certificate to ensure continuous validity.
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